Postcard Stories by Jan Carson

Rachy Reads rating – 5*

Jan Carson is one of my favourite Northern Irish writers, I love her unique ability to tell so much story with so few words is remarkable. This series of short stories written once a week on postcards to her friends, set in Belfast are absolutely so beautiful I had to order the second book straight away. 

This book of short stories brings you on a journey around Belfast with Jan’s perspective on the charity shops, the runners on the newtownards road and the joy of overhearing the old ladies on the bus in East Belfast. I loved reading who they were addressed to with some of Northern Ireland’s greatest writers mentioned, probably unintentionally easter eggs but I loved it. Illustrated by Benjamin Phillips this book is such a joy visually too, couldn’t recommend a nicer collection of short stories. I’m off to devour the second book!

4.2 Goodreads

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