Always and Forever by Jenny Han

As a series I give this a 3.5. Only because for me the second book feels like the conflict is forced for the sake of writing a second book. The first and the last are superb though. 

With it being Valentines weekend and the release of the final film of this series being released on Netflix this felt like an appropriate celebration of this series coming to an end!

This series of young adult fiction first caught the limelight after the Netflix adaptation of the first book ‘To all the boys I’ve loved before’. They instantly commissioned the second two books to create the series on screen and what’s not to love. The Film’s are beautiful, so much colour and style to them. 

This series was such a guilty pleasure for me I devoured them in a week a couple of years ago. They’re the perfect amount of teenage angst and reality in growing up and that first experience of ‘love’. The series follows Lara Jean, everytime she has a crush so intense she can’t deal with she writes it all down to process her emotions and locks it away in a box. Her little sister, in an attempt to help Lara Jean get a boyfriend, posts them them out to all the boys Lara Jean has every ‘loved’. It forces her to confront her feelings and put herself out there in a way she hasn’t before. These books covers lots of teenage topics like loss, navigating through a divorce, breakups, sex, friendship, University and much more. 

I applaud the author for keeping these books as grounded as can be. I find sometimes YA series’ can often focus on the happily ever after and Jenny doesn’t, she includes difficult teenage experiences like dealing with an ex, making sense of your feelings and even deciding to have sex. The first film even includes her father giving her a bag of condoms before a ski trip which I loved the subtly without forcing a safe sex talk. It’s awkward, at times it’s difficult but the series is real and focuses on growing up and people moving on. It’s fabulous. 

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